We arrived at Wiston hoping for a good result. We drew a good pilled draw starting us on the inside row two. Before the green fell the pole sitter dropped out with some type of Mechanical issue and we were moved up to pole position. I have always said I would rather be lucky than good any day and it was my lucky day! We lead every lap of the heat which gave us the pole position of the feature. At intermission I went out and looked over the track and it was slicking off at Corner entry but great shape coming off. Only one class ran there feature before us so I didn’t think the track would change much. I had my pit guy Wesley Shaw tighten the car up slightly while waiting to go out for our feature. On the drop of the green I could tell we had a good car. Again we lead every lap claiming the BIG check and the victory.I35Victory

What started out to be a bad year with rain outs, blown motor and getting flipped turn out to be a good year. We had four feature wins, multi heat win and are going into the off season with a car and motor in one piece. With the new group being formed in IL and also the new Poweri D-2 midget series starting up we will have a lot of options to chose from next season. I hope everyone has a great off season.


After my last update we took a few weeks off. Finally when we got back into it we went to Peoria IL and ran with the ILSS. We started the heat in 7th place and work our way up to 3rd placing us in the redraw. The ran heads up putting us starting in 6th. Track was extremely dry slick and I had the car as tight as it would go. We dropped back a few places on the start not knowing how the car would react. We then started to move forward and was passing for 4th when the car passing us took us out by bangin wheels damaging our left rear rim and causing us to have a flat ending our night. Very disappointed in the result but happy we ran good. Next event is the McCarthy Auto Group Show-Me Spectacular at I-35 speedway in Winston MO on Oct. 7th.




Billings victories at Lightning Sprint Fall Fling Spectacular presented by Jayhawk Millwright!

First to hit the track for a pair of heat races were the Lightning Sprint drivers. Beau Heavelow claimed heat one with Tony Layne, M.K. Billings and Phil Heavelow in tow. For heat two, Mark Billings of Columbia led wire-to-wore for the win but it was a close one as Zach Morehead and Paden Moreland chased him the entire distance, bird Schofield was forth.

Lightning Sprint 15-lap main event, Mark Billings quickly shot out in front of fellow front-row starter Beau Heavelow of Sibley, Missouri to set the pace. Heavelow never let Billings too far from site and stayed right with Billings in the first half of the race. Zach Morehead of nearby Blue Springs, Missouri and Tony Layne ran inside the top four behind Billings and Heavelow most of the way.

Lightning Sprints were turning laps in the 13 second bracket as Billings paced the field with Heavelow still ever-present behind him. With just a handful of laps remaining, Paden Moreland spun off of turn two to draw a caution flag but was able to rejoin the field for the remainder of events. At the same time, M.K. Billings’ night came to an early end after hard contact with the turn one uke tire, fortunately Billings gave the thumbs up he was okay.

Previous CMS winner Bobby Layne advanced from tenth at the start to the fourth position one spot behind nephew Tony Layne. Also advancing forward inside the top ten was Alyssa Lasater who made her way to seventh by race end after starting thirteenth. In the end, Billings ran strong the entire race distance and claimed the victory presented by Jayhawk Millwright. Beau Heavelow had a solid run to second to settle for second place with Tony Layne, Bobby Layne and Zach Morehead rounding out the top five. Sixth place on back was Paden Moreland, Lasater, Jason Snyder, M.K. Billings, and Phil Heavelow. Race Report by Sam Stoeklin

In car heat race and feature video


We ran at I-35 Speedway in Winston MO this past weekend. Car was a little flat off the corner and we got passed on the last lap putting us 2nd in the heat. We started outside pole for the feature and never looked back. Lead every lap claiming the victory this night. After the last several racing not going our way it was nice to park it on the front stretch. Next race is 9/6/15 at Central Missouri Speedway in Warrensburg MO. Hope to see everyone there!


Fairbury IL update: Ran second in the heat and flip in the feature. Not the night we were hoping for.


I have not updated my website much. Last race was in Dodge City KS and we blew a motor the first night of a double header show. I have now changed my motor and plan on racing with ILSS next weekend Aug. 1st at Fairbury IL. This should  a great show. Also some exciting news locally another show has been added to the Central Missouri Speedway Schedule for Sept. 6th for the Jayhawk Millwright Fall Fling Lightning Sprint Spectacular! Hope everyone is having a safe fun Summer! See you all at the races.



Yet another weekend and yet another rain out. Very tuff year for the racers and tracks. With back to back to back weekends of rain its hard for anyone to find a groove. This weekend due to work schedule we will be off. Next race will be at CMS on 6/13 provided it’s not raining!


Another weekend another rain out. We went to Central Missouri Speedway Saturday for there big $1500 to win show and we got the heat race in which we placed second putting us on the outside of the second row for the feature. Before the feature could be ran the rains came in postponing this event for a future time yet to be announced. We were loaded up and ready to head to Haubstadt Indiana the next night to race with MMSA and the weather man increase the chance of rain from 20% to 60% before we left the house. Of course that race ran. Next event for MBR will be at Central Missouri Speedway on May 30th. I will keep everyone posted on when the $1500 to win make up race is going to be ran.



Mother Nature wins again this weekend. Races at CMS for 5/16/15 was rained out. Next race is next weekend again at CMS for a special memorial weekend show for $1500 to win. I had a little time to kill so I put together a video from our 5/2/15 win using both the front and rear camera view.



We raced at I-35 speedway in Winston MO for the first time this year last night. Car felt fast in the hot laps and then it fell off for the heat and feature. I finished 4th in the heat and third in the feature. For the next two weekend we are returning to Central Missouri Speedway in Warrensburg MO. Here is a short video of the heat race.


Mark Billings racing picks up first win of the year at Central Missouri Speedway

CMS Press Release. “Tony Layne looked strong all night long and captured the lone Lightning Sprint heat ahead of Mark Billings, Beau Heavelow, and Bobby Layne as these four drivers then made up the first two rows of the 15-lap main event.
Billings and Layne quickly shot to the front to set a blistering race pace as the lightning sprints aptly lived up to their name with a lightning quick main event. Billings ran solidly up front but Layne never was too far behind to try and challenge for the lead. Just as the two leaders ran close, so too did Heavelow and Layne in third and fourth.
On several occasions Layne drew close to Billings as the pair ran as low as they could on the track stalking the corners like a bottom-dwelling catfish. Billings turned back all challenges on this night as Layne settled for second behind Billings who took the win. Heavelow ran third with Layne in fourth and Paden Moreland finished out the top five.”


Haven’t raced for two weeks due to work and this last weekends wet weather. This gave me time to switch some things around on the car to hopefully give me better drive off the corner. Next event will be at I-35 speedway on April 25th then the following weekend we will be doing a double header. May 1st at Humboldt KS and then May 2nd Central Missouri Speedway in Warrensburg.


We raced at CMS last weekend. We won our heat from the outside poll. Feature grid was lined up heads up which meant I started on the outside poll. Track was terribly rutted up and after taken several bad hops I decided to pull off the track rather than destroying my car. We are taken this weekend off. Next race is April 18th in Winston MO


New motor is in the car and seems to be strong. We were planning on going to CMS this weekend to do some testing but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating and it was canceled. We will be at CMS for there season opening event next weekend April 4th.


Some great new shots from high fly-n photos http://www.highfly-nphotos.com/

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Mark Billings being interviewed last season at Clay County Speedway IL


Racing season is beginning to ramp up, our schedule has been posted but may change slightly through out the year depending on time. We will be very busy in the coming weeks preparing the car. We hope to get out and do some test and tune the end of this month at Central Missouri Speedway. This will depend on if I can get the car ready in time.

Highlights for this year are several big races. The first will be at Central Missouri Speedway over memorial weekend for a $1500 to win race. Midwest Lightning Sprints will have several $500 to win and concludes with $1000 to win race to close out the year. On Aug. 1st ILSS will be hosting a $2000 to win race in IL. Hopefully we will have a better year with reliability this coming season.


Please stop by our pits after the race and say hello. We will have hero cards and temporary tattoos for the kids.